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As many of you might know Vibi (The Owner of Sweet Arrivals) is from Denmark and when she went to Denmark a couple of Months ago, she bought back 2 lovely Danish Baby Brands that we hope you will like as much as we do. They will slowly appear in a few hampers and if popular we will get more available.


The name Smafolk means “Little people/children” and was established in Denmark in 2005. This brand is all about what children love; Comfort, colour and fun. Smafolk loves bold colours, striking prints and the style is very retro.

The material is organic cotton and they pride them selves in providing children with very high quality clothing that will last wash after wash.


Me Too is a world full of colours. An original, easily identifiable universe for children 0-10 years that is just all about of fun ideas and creative prints. The brand look at the world in a colourful and playful way, just like the children they are designing for. The design high quality clothing with a cool sweetness.