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The arrival of a newborn baby is a thrilling time but it can also be quite overwhelming. What do you need to buy? What can you get now and which things should you buy later? How many baby onesies will you need? The list of questions is endless, so it’s no wonder many expectant parents feel daunted and confused before the baby even arrives!

To help new parents make sense of it all, we have partnered with Noble Oak to create a definitive list of newborn essentials every new parent needs.

In our experience, babies need a lot less than people might think. For example, the amount of clothing needed in the first weeks and months isn’t that great as babies grow very fast — this is one area where parents can save by just buying what they need.

With so many options out there, we also recommend doing some research. Ask around in your group of friends and family — what products do they use or recommend? Don’t forget to look for good deals and consider buying better quality so the items last longer than cheaper brands.

When it comes to newborn baby items, these are our top three picks:

Onesies with mittens: These are perfect for babies as they keep your bub warm and covered at all times. The mittens are also great because they stop babies scratching themselves in their sleep. We highly recommend Marquise baby clothing which is the main brand we use in our boutique baby hampers.

Muslin wraps: Get plenty of these! They are perfect for burp cloths, swaddling (which most babies like because it helps them feel safe) plus you can use them as a sunshade on the pram or for some privacy while breastfeeding in public.

Good baby skincare products: You don’t need much of this but the quality is important. Often babies get very dry skin a few days after coming home, so make sure you are prepared. A good product for bath time is great too, and if you breastfeed, remember a nipple cream. We use Lhami Skincare in our baby hampers, which is a wonderful organic skincare product.If you are looking for a beautiful gift for a newborn, look no further than our gorgeous luxury baby hampers. We use the highest quality Australian products to last, impress and delight any parent and newborn. Perfect present for baby showers, hospital visits, mother and baby hampers and baby gift baskets.

You can find the full list of newborn essentials on the Noble Oak website.