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As Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Sweet Arrivals had winter all wrapped up!

As winter approaches and the days and nights get colder, we have to start layering up.  Sweet Arrivals has everything you need to keep your precious one as snug as a bug in a rug.

If you are anything like me, I overdress in the morning based on the 9 degrees outside and by lunchtime it’s a beautiful sunny 18 degrees and I’m sweating wishing I’d thought ahead and chosen layers! 

The same rules apply when it comes to keeping our beautiful bundles of joy toasty warm.  The new mother panic; are they too cold, are they too hot…..we’ve all been there!  I had a ninja baby who managed to bust out of any swaddle I wrapped him in, so I was always worrying he would get cold.  

But there are some simple rules to follow, that will help any new mum; 

  • Dress your baby the same way you would dress yourselves, in practical layers in  breathable materials.
  • Don’t worry if their hands and feet are cooler, always check the body temperature for how warm they are.  
  • They lose heat out of their head, so a baby beanie is a good idea when outside and looks soooo super cute. 
  • Blankets are a great versatile way to add layers to keep your baby warm. You can use them as a breastfeeding cover up or a tummy time playmat when out and about as well. The baby blanket I was given when my son was born holds really special memories and something I will keep forever. A blanket is really the perfect practical keepsake.

Check out our lovely winter baby gifts;

@Sweet Arrivals we have your winter baby gifts covered.