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What to expect when you’ve finished expecting?

If you are anything like me, I was so focused on getting through my pregnancy and giving birth that I hadn’t given much thought to beyond getting home. Yes I had bought everything I could possibly need for my new arrival and plenty of ‘trendy essentials’ that I never ended up using. ;-) I’d heard all the well meant advice, like ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ and ‘don’t put too much pressure on yourself’.

But to this day I still remember the feeling of walking out of the hospital doors with my new baby thinking any minute now they are going to call me back laughing and explain to me, you can’t just take your baby home without any real training, but nobody did. It was just me and my equally clueless husband! But you just get on with it, learning on job, making mistakes along the way.  No amount of advice prepares you for the lack of sleep or the overwhelming unconditional love you have for this tiny bundle.  Friends and family become your lifeline, they bring food, support and amazing gifts. They make you feel special and loved and run the vacuum round!

A hug in a hamper?

My work colleagues sent me a hamper full of goodies and 10 years on, that plush rabbit still has pride of place in my boys bed every night.  It’s these wonderful, thoughtful and much needed acts of kindness that can change so much.  We get so many beautiful comments about how our baby hampers, mother’s and sibling gifts make you feel because we understand just how important those moments are.

It is the reason why we put so much effort into finding the right products and put them together so the whole hamper presents amazingly. We want the hamper to not only give some fantastic products to the mother and baby but also be a warm hug and love in the shape of a hamper.

Some of our beautiful products is our skincare products from Lhami, which have great products both for mum and bub. You can find them under the mum and bun hamper section here;

And as unique baby keepsakes have a look here;

The new mum will love being able to make some cute keepsakes to look at in years to come. I still look at my sons little hand and foot print and can not believe that’s is the hand and feet of my tall boy now!

Hope you enjoyed reading “What to expect when you’ve finished expecting?”