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JellyCat Bunnies

We stock the very popular Bashful JellyCat Bunies all the way from London!

JellyCat was established in 1999 and is well known for their beautiful soft toys, and their bashful bunnies being the most popular. They come in a range of colours, and we have choosen the colours we think looks best in our luxury hampers; Pink, Blue, cream and beige. They are really amazing;

  • Adorable cute pink noses,
  • Oh so soft
  • Fluffy white tails
  • Floppy ears.

Jellycat bunnies are soft, plush and cuddly due to their craftmanship, and yes they are made and designed in England. We are so delighted to have these gorgeous bunnies in our luxury baby hampers or they can be purchased alone and shipped gift wrapped with a beautiful card from Sketchy Cards.

Jellycat bashful bunnies will be babys’ best friend for years to come.

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