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Animal Friends


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 “Animal Friends” from A Little Golden Book

In this sweet story about animal homes, a cat, a dog, a bird, a turtle, a bunny, a chick, and a squirrel all live together in a little house in the woods. They get along nicely when it comes to being quiet at nap time and keeping the house neat, but they just can’t agree on what to eat! After a meeting by the fire, the animals come up with a solution—and soon they’re all saying, “At last I’ve found the best home of all, the very best home for me.” –  “Animal Friends” is a cute book to read out loud for any little boy or girl.


  • Great addition to any of our baby baby hampers.
  • Or send as a little present to the new big brother or big sister. We will gift wrap the book and add a beautiful card from Pleasant Tree cards with your personal message inside. These cards are designed and printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests. We are always more then happy to help.

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