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Heartbeat KOALA

The Heartbeat Koala is a unique keepsake for all expectant parents. This cute Tyalla Heartbeat Koala will make any mum-to-be very happy!

“Tyalla, the Heartbeat Koala Bear, is possibly our most iconic Aussie animal. Shall I tell you a secret? Tyalla is not really a bear at all, but is in fact, a tree-dwelling marsupial, known for their trademark baby pouches.

Tyalla has the softest grey fur, fluffy white ears, and a tailless body but is a little fussy when it comes to eating – only the best eucalyptus leaves will do. After a full tummy, Tyalla loves nothing more than a sleep in but will always wake up to climb the tallest tree and is sure to climb right into your heart.”

Your pregnancy is an amazing chapter in your life that you experience for only a brief time. Being able to build the connection and strengthen the emotional bond with your baby prior to their arrival is an irreplaceable experience. Capture this special time forever with this adorable heartbeat.

Baby Beats Koala provides a simple to use 20 second red-heart recording module. This module will record the sound of your unborn baby’s heartbeat during your ultrasound appointment. Then place the red-heart recording module inside the plush koala and it will play back the heartbeat recording every time you give it a squeeze!

For that extra special something, our knitted gender reveal bow is included with every member of the Heartbeat family. The bow can be worn as a neck-tie to introduce your baby boy or a head-band to introduce your baby girl.


  • Made from soft fake rabbit plush
  • Stuffed with Polypropylene Cotton
  • Baby safe plastic eyes
  • An easy to use 20 second red heart recording module (batteries included)
  • Bonus inclusion: Gender Reveal bow
  • Baby Beats logo embroidered on the paw pad, to ensure Authenticity
  • Presented in a premium gift box, elegantly tied with a satin ribbon and a beautiful card from Sketchy Cards with your own personal message should you require this.
  • Designed in Australia and Ethically manufactured in China
  • IMPORTANT – Remember to backup baby’s heartbeat for safe keeping
  • Listen to the a recording here

43 cm high x 28 cm wide x 15 cm deep (perfect snuggle size)

Compliant with Australian and New Zealand Toy Safety Standards

Please contact us if we can help with anything.


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