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Hip the Hippo – Baby Book


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Hip the Hippo – Eats. Sleeps & Plays (Children’s book by Bubsi Brain)

Give mum and bub their first book to read together. It’s is all about creating those special moments. Hip the Hippo Baby Book is a perfect baby’s first book. Can be added to any of our boutique baby hampers.


  • Hardback book in black and white, which is perfect for story time or can be propped up for babies during tummy time.
  • Newborns can only focus about eight to 12 inches from their face, and they see only black, white and grey.
  • Bold black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves. Focusing on such visual stimuli trains newborns’ vision, teaching the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly.
  • Perfect for age 0-1 year – watch how baby’s eyes adjust and focus.
  • Enjoy the stories and help baby’s eyes develop at the same time.
  • Hip the Hippo Baby Book can be added to any of our beautiful baby hampers.
  • Designed by Kris Gowlland (Aria Nominee for ‘Best Children’s Album’), to help make the newborn baby stage easier for parent and baby.
  • PAEDIATRICIAN ENDORSED for little developing eyes. 

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