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LHAMI Face Mist | Rose & Chamomile


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LHAMI Face Mist – Rose & Chamomile

This Face Mist from Lhami should be in every woman’s handbag!

It’s so refreshing and cooling not to mention the divine fragrance. Lhami Face Mist is an absolute life saver for a tired new mum. Add this to any of our boutique baby hampers and make mum happy!


  • Perfect as a skin toner for all skin types.
  • Softens, hydrates & calms skin.
  • Use after cleansing.
  • To set makeup.
  • Refreshing mist anytime.
  • Amazing Fragrance.
  • Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol*, Chamomile Hydrosol**Certified Organic

Perfect for the new mother when she gets so tired!

About Lhami;

Lhami is all about making your daily rituals special. Every Lhami product smells beautiful, feels gorgeous on your skin and contains ingredients that nourish mind, body & spirit.

Most of the products are made on Qld’s beautiful Sunshine Coast and wherever possible, they use Certified Organic ingredients.  That way, Lhami knows they have been farmed or harvested sustainably, in a way that ensures biodiversity and protection of the environment.  It means there are no pesticides or chemicals in the plants or the soil where they are grown.  And it means that the people who are growing the plants are paid fairly, and work under good conditions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests.


“Love this, should order double because I just can’t resist using it. Great hydration, calming scent and when my daughters (2, 4) see me using it they come running”

“I love this mist. It smells divine. I had to buy a second as my daughter stole my first.”

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