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Mini Lanson Black Label Champagne


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Lanson Black Label Champagne 

Let’s celebrate the arrival of the little baby with a glass of this Mini Lanson Black Label Champagne.


  • Lanson is one of France’s top Champagne houses producing some of the best each and every year.
  • A rich powerful style Champagne.
  • 200 ml bottle.
  • Can be added to any of our boutique baby hampers.

Reviews of this Mini Lanson Black Label Champagne;

  • “Delicious French champagne and high quality”
  •  “A delicious, creamy champagne! Perfect size for two if you want a small glass pre-dinner”
  • “This champers is light, delicious and refreshing”
  • “My go-to French champagne! Non malolactic fermentation therefore much fresher and zestier”
About Champagne;

A most careful blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier commanding secondary bottle fermentation to create carbonation, Champagne is one of the world’s most celebrated wine styles. Connoisseurs have monk Dom Pierre Pérignon to thank for the discovery of its secrets in his abbey’s cellars in 17th century France. Vintage Champagne must come from a single vintage and matured for at least three years, and Non-Vintage must blend multi-vintage grapes for maturation for at least 15 months in the Maison’s signature style. Its allure is unparalleled, but Champagne offers something for every palate from the very dry and savoury Brut and medium-dry Sec to sweet dessert-style Doux.

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